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“Dry-Aged T-Bone Steak”cooked and grilled at high temperature

With a scrupulous,meticulous attitude provide exclusive courteous reception of

hospitality and exquisite

bulter service

Hospitality brings professional sommelier service

Provide a more perfect sensory experience

The KING's voice,the grand
feast of the WANG

Kindly put on your headphones and listen to the gorgeous feast we have
prepared for you

Grilled Dry-Aged T-Bone Steak

USA Prime Grade T-BOne Steak,Dry-aged for 28 days and after broiling at high temperature,

it is quenched to a bewildering cheese flavor,

first savor the NEW YORK strip steak's luscious succulent fillet,

then taste the crispy texture of the re-roasted meat next tothe bone.

Bulter service

Professional catering

sommelier service

with a scrupulous,meticulous

attitude,provides exclusive

courteous reception of

hospitality and exquisite

bulter sevice.

Hospitality brings professional

sommelier service!Wine


select your wine according to

the flavor of the ingredients

and sauces so that the

delicacies and vintage wine

makes a great meal!